The best winter fabric to keep us warm.

Il miglior tessuto invernale per tenerci caldi.

November 25, 2020

In winter, which fabric should we choose to keep ourselves warm?

It is certainly not easy to choose among the thousands of fabrics on offer on the web, sites that offer online fabric sales, fabric sales by the meter or fabric scraps there are galore, but here are some tips to understand how to orient yourself in this jungle:

The advice that gives you is this: give a little more importance to how noble the fabric is, of quality, the right quality for what we have to create.

To be clear, it will be "wasted" to buy a pure wool fabric for a carnival outfit! Instead, it will be more advantageous to spend an extra evaluation if the item of clothing we are going to create will have to keep us warm or even more if we want to use it in particular situations.
Did we get the idea? Choosing the perfect fabric is not so simple, being able to find the right combination of elegance, softness and practicality is certainly not easy.

A fundamental aspect: never neglect your personal taste!

So what are the best fabrics to keep us warm in winter?


lana jacquard elasticizzata

Surely the wool is the pardona!
Fabric that has always been used and has many fundamental characteristics, among the most significant: it has the advantage of being a Thermoregulating fabric, warm in winter but with a very important breathable property that will allow you to keep the body dry, plus it is 100% natural. Elegant, in solid color or with various processes, wool has always been the most chosen fabric for casual / elegant clothing.



Another fabric that has increasingly entered our lives is Pile.
Soft, warm and versatile, it found its first applications in the world of fashion thanks to its versatility and lightness, in fact it is present on the market in the form of various thicknesses starting from the thinnest, single-legged, and then ending with the famous lamb fleece, used by always to keep even the most extreme sportsmen warm.
The fleece, as it is made with synthetic material, is very resistant, it is not subject to drops and does not wrinkle.


felpa garzata

And what about the Brushed Sweatshirt? The most suitable fabric for creating comfortable clothing, its knitted structure makes it soft and pleasant to wear moreover if in 100% cotton it will be hypoallergenic and delicate on the skin, as it exploits the classic characteristics of cotton fibers but with the advantage of being thicker and therefore will be able to offer greater protection in colder temperatures. Often used in clothing to create casual / sports garments such as sweatshirts, trousers or tracksuits.

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