Find out which fabric is best suited to your needs

Scopri quale tessuto è più adatto alle tue esigenze

August 03, 2020

Often when making a garment, attention is paid only to the shape and color without thinking about the most suitable type of fabric.
Particular attention should be paid to the type of fabric that you choose to use to create your own creation, your own dress or accessory in order to make it special in all its features.

Creating clothes for the summer, for example, will prefer the choice of natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose or linen.
Fabrics made from natural and very fresh fibers with which it will be easier to fight the hottest summers without having to give up comfort, practicality and elegance.

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    For example the jersey, knitted fabric commonly called "jersey" of light weight, has a texture that allows a good breathability of the fabric, soft and fresh when used on 100% cotton yarns or with the presence of a small percentage of elastane to give the necessary elasticity if we wanted to make dresses or skirts or t-shirts.

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       There viscose, another natural fabric, often presents itself with a pleasant smooth hand, light but with a pleasant fall, it will allow you to create even more sophisticated and elegant clothes without renouncing to wear a garment made with fresh and comfortable natural fibers

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      Viscosa Mano Crepe Foglie e Natura

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