The bamboo fiber fabric, thanks to its properties and benefits, is particularly suitable for being in direct contact with the skin. Its ability to absorb moisture and be naturally antibacterial make it a perfect fabric for all types of clothing, especially underwear.

Thanks to the presence in the weave of the fabric of multiple cavities and air cushions, bamboo makes garments highly breathable, with a very high capacity to absorb liquids, such as humidity and sweat, which evaporates three times faster than traditional cotton. giving freshness for a long time and removing bad smells.

A garment made from a bamboo fabric is soft on the skin, delicate and prevents redness and irritation.

Its use is also recommended for bed linen as its anti-moth and anti-mite action means that 95% of these die within 24 hours.

Furthermore, the bamboo fabric is characterized by ease of ironing and dyeing, making splendid chromatic effects of the pigmentation.